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Professor battling with School Board over her OnlyFans account

Canadian teaching assistant Kristin MacDonald’s fight against a Vancouver school board has taken an interesting turn. According to the content creator, known as Ava James on social media platforms, the school board subscribed to her OnlyFans.

MacDonald received a letter from the school board last month. Much to her dismay, she was notified through correspondence that an objection had been regardone ding her online social networking engagements. The letter went on to give her the opportunity to shutdown her Ava James accounts. If not, she could be fired. MacDonald hasn’t shutdown the accounts and has decided to do battle with the school board. Part of that battle includes facing an investigative committee during a recent disciplinary hearing.

During the hearing she was presented with evidence they had collected of her social media activity. The evidence came in the form of images from social media, quotes from articles about the fight with the school district, and research on her OnlyFans.

MacDonald claims that the school board purchased a subscription to her OnlyFans. She told Daily Hive, “They admitted to getting an OnlyFans subscriber account.”

The school board weren’t the only ones putting taxpayer money to good use. She added that the investigative committee also “heavily alluded” to purchasing a subscription to her exclusive content.

The 35-year-old said of the subscriptions, “I kind of felt like they were poking at me being like, ‘yeah, we saw what you’re doing’ or whatever.” As of now, poking is all they’ve done to her. MacDonald hasn’t yet been fired and is still an employee of the school district.

However, that could change at any time. She admitted, “I mean, they could draw it out, or they can tell me next week that I’m terminated.”

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